Tuesday, July 14, 2009

well, here goes nothing

and to think i mocked my friends for blogging...
i've been wanting to do this since sophia (my adorable baby girl) was born 6 months ago and i am just now finding time, but that's how life goes. so much has happened to our family in the past 2 months: i quit my job (woo hoo!), phil (my fabulous husband) graduated from pharmacy school and got a job in missouri which prompted us to move to missouri (the weather sucks but my family is here and they are worth it!), we're trying to sell our house (if you are looking for a nice place in hamilton, mt, have i got a deal for you), we're renting a house in harrisburg mo (besides the enormous house it came with 5 cats, 2 dogs and 3 horses), phil passed his pharmacy boards with flying colors (of course), and sophia is being sophia.

so, more about sophia! i love staying home with her although since we have no neighbors (our rental comes with 130 acres and i am desperately missing our old neighbors) it's just the two of us all day every day. she'll be talking in no time since she listens to me all day long. she can roll from her back to her belly now and she can't be put down without showing off (there's a cute video with her ladybug panties showing).

she can sit up pretty well but i don't trust her alone.

we've been swimming in her baby pool and the above ground pool here and she's loving it. especially when it's 95 degrees and 90% humidity (i'm not exagerating!).
i can't believe she's 6 months old. we go to town a few times each week. by town i mean columbia mo. harrisburg has a 3-way stop where there is a merc, an antique shop, a bank and a service station like one out of a scary movie but not much else. we might have to get out there and make some frien

phil is doing great at his new job. he's learning a lot about chemotherapy which is new and interesting for him. the government is great to work for. they got my vote when they sold us half price tickets to mizzou games! go tigers (we still love the cougs more)!