Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall festivals

i finally figured out our internet and here is the latest...

we have been living up the "fall festival" mentality. it started off with Harrisburg's September Days festival. there was a baby contest and we entered our precious little monster. she dressed up like a mizzou cheerleader and was ADORABLE! there was a lot of stiff competition (and most of the girls wore dress up dresses) so we didn't even get an honorable mention. oh well, she looked great!

we went to a u-pick apple orchard. it was a beautiful day for apple picking. we pulled sophia in the wagon and phil and i climbed trees to get the best apples. most of the lower ones were already picked (apple season happens a lot earlier in MO) but we were up for the challenge. sophia and her dad are both apple crazy!
we also got some pie pumpkins and made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (thanks to Kim, they are our faves!). sophia ate most of the pumpkin so we'll have to get a few more. she loved it!

we went to the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins to carve for Halloween, which was a blast. they had a petting zoo area, wagon rides, music, food. it was a lot of fun.

sophia was a blueberry for halloween (that's what we called her when i was pregnant). it was impossible to find a blueberry costume (there were lots of sexy blueberry muffin costumes though) for a baby so i made it. a blue ball with a green cap? you bet!