Friday, January 15, 2010


it was a big weekend for our little girl! she turned one and was baptized! she is getting so big, we can hardly believe it. she is really developing her personality. she's become much more independent about eating (unless she's REALLY hungry, then she'll take some help), she wants to walk all the time (she took her first totally independent steps 2 days after her birthday) and she's really funny (we take all the credit for that). when she eats something she likes she says mmmm..., when she hears music she tries to snap and dance (mostly bobbing and kicking her leg out), she's crazy about animals (usually communicated with elated screaming) and she loves clothes: her closet, shopping, laundry, whatever. she ooohs over piece she can get her hands on. her birthday was a lot of fun. we took some pics the night before in case we could see an immediate change when she turned one (it was a little bittersweet for mom) and we made it a whole birthday weekend (that's how we roll, birthday weeks, months, whatever). she had lo mein (her favorite) and wore new clothes all weekend.
after her baptism we went to a restaurant in columbia called Sophia's. we had some delicious food but the best part was the cake that phil and i made. it was funfetti and shaped like a 1 with sophia's name on it. she LOVED it. when we tried to take it away, she pulled it closer. she is such a ham. she got some great birthday presents. her papa b (phil's dad) had the idea to have a rosary made for her special day and all colville was involved in making it. it is beautiful and sophia loved it. she got some new toys and a really adorable snow suit. she was exhausted by the end of it all (and quite full of food) so i think she enjoyed it.

on her actual birthday we got up, got dressed and went to church for her christening. my parents are her godparents, which was extra special and a lot of fun. her aunt heather came and her favorite cousin ben. he was awesome helping make sure she had a great birthday. the christening was beautiful. sophia wore a dress that was originally my mom's wedding gown turned into a christening gown. ben wore it too. towards the end of the mass, the priest introduced sophia to the congregation and there was a drum roll to which sophia raised her arm like she was pretty proud of herself. everyone thought it was hilarious and a few people thought we had trained her. she's a natural.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a ballance christmas

we had a great christmas and sophia was a blast. she is so cute. both phil and sophia really won big in the pajama department. of course, sophia also got a ton of toys. i got some swan valley copper dishes. they are so beautiful! i also got a cheese making kit and we ate some hot mozzarella last night. delicious! anyway, we feel very lucky to celebrate holidays with our little monster. she's our best gift! but maybe the best gift was cousin ben's motorcycle...