Wednesday, February 3, 2010

birthday girl 2010

We had a birthday party at grandma and grandpa palazzolo’s house for Sophia. What a blast. Sophia loves animals but kitties especially. We had a kitty theme. She loved it. We had pictures of real kitties and she had a hello kitty cake. Her cousin Syd helped her get dressed in a kitty shirt and skirt with leopard trim. She got lots of awesome presents but her faves were the sled and an outfit. She loves clothes! We tied a BUNCH of balloons that Christina got her to the sled and Ben pulled her around the house. She was in heaven.

She was too cute eating her cake that grandma got her. Pink frosting was everywhere. It was a lot of fun and only a little sad that my baby is a toddler now.

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  1. dang she is cute! the picture with the cake face is priceless. good job momma . . . you done good work :)