Friday, March 5, 2010

washington ballance reunion

well, we went to visit meemaw and papa b(allance) for the first time since the missouri move. when we got to the ballance house, the first thing we noticed was that sophia loved the deer shoulder mount in the living room. we spent a lot of time looking at that deer. it was pretty funny.

we started the week off at leavenworth, wa hanging out with friends and family. it's a small bavarian town with lots of shops and walking around. sophia impressed everyone with her eating skills! on the way back to grandma and grandpa's house, we stopped by her cousin's. it was the first time they had really played together and it was fun to watch.

we did all sorts of fun stuff while we were in colville. we went to the hippie store and got stuff to make homemade mozzarella cheese. delicious! we went to canada (sophia's first international trip) and walked around rossland. there are lots of shops and good things to eat there. we saw good friends and played in the yard. it was very relaxing a TON of fun.

despite some flight troubles, sophia was no trouble on the flight so we are ready for more traveling!

papa b and sophia hanging out

black kitty was one of sophia's favorite things at meemaw's house

sophia wouldn't ride with papa in the tractor but the whole family rode in the bucket afterwards.

sophia and meemaw b look alike contest.

sophia and some tronsen girls (aunt karen, grandma enid, sophia and meemaw)

sophia is ready to go again! she has to save up some vacation time first.

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  1. Yesterday Oliver told me he misses Blueberry and wants to move back to Montana. He thinks you guys still live there. So . . . Sophia is already an international traveler. Any news on Germany?